What is this place?

The DER Task Force is where passionate DERs talent comes to learn, teach, and collaborate. Whether you develop projects, write software, market EVs, advocate policy, finance projects, analyze markets, fund companies, or just want to learn about how people and businesses interact with energy, this is where you want to be.

We’re different from most organizations

  • Independent — We’re funded by the community, not companies

  • Collaborative — We’re here to lift each other up and advance DERs together

  • Not Boring — We’re allergic to generic industry networking events and stuffy organizations

  • Curious — We’re up for anything and insatiable learners

  • Rigorous — We’re obsessed with uncovering truth and deeply understanding topics

Things to check out

💼 Need a job? Here’s our job board.

📜 We wrote a DER Bill of Rights you should read.


DER Task Force
The community for distributed energy enthusiasts
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Duncan Campbell
⚡️ Building clean and resilient microgrids @scalemicrogrids 🎉 Growing the distributed energy community @der_task_force