#30 Arcady Sosinov, Founder and CEO of FreeWireListen now (105 min) | Real innovation in the EV charging space (and Duncan tries to make Virtual Wires cool)
#29 Sam D'Amico, CEO & Co-founder of Impulse LabsListen now (112 min) | Never fear - Uncle Sam is looking out for your home electrification plans
December 2022 Edition
#28 The Clean Energy Abundance PlatformListen now (83 min) | Doing more with less
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December 2022

#27 Neha Palmer, CEO and co-founder of Terrawatt InfrastructureListen now (60 min) | Electrification will change the world as we know it, and Neha and the Terrawatt team are more than ready for it
#26 The DER Task Force, live from DERTFest 2022Listen now (58 min) | Getting jiggy with it live at Nightmoves

November 2022

November 2022 Edition 🦃
#25 Emily McAteer, Founder & CEO of Odyssey Energy SolutionsListen now (69 min) | Meet the global pioneer of the Bigfoot of DERs - the minigrid!
#24: IntDERoperability with Henrik Langeland, CEO and co-founder of EnodeListen now (66 min) | Taking notes from Norway out there in the future of energy
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October 2022 Edition 👻

October 2022

The after party to end all after parties is officially confirmed! The summit is officially sold out, but the after party has capacity and we'd love to…