When the Task Force puts its collective brain to something, the results are pretty incredible
Snag your tickets for the most anticipated, nerdiest DERs conference of the year
#21 ESGeeeez, what is happening?! Listen now (92 min) | Breaking down the ESG narrative on the left and right, political + class struggle, and ultimately why incumbents benefit from the…
June 2022 Edition
The role DERs play in building more equitable power systems
The God of Efficiency is dead, and electrification has killed it.
Digging into Non-Wires Alternatives with Kyle Baranko
The fight over who really rightfully owns consumer energy data
September 2022 Edition
A guest post from Duncan Campbell's State of Charge newsletter
#27 Neha Palmer, CEO and co-founder of Terrawatt InfrastructureListen now (60 min) | Electrification will change the world as we know it, and Neha and the Terrawatt team are more than ready for it
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