Jul 15, 2022 • 1HR 30M

#19 Andy Frank, Co-founder and President of Sealed

Hey kids! DER school is in session

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Welcome back to another episode of the DER Task Force podcast. This time, we sat down with Andy Frank, co-founder and President of Sealed. In the episode, we talk about:

  1. (0:00) Intros, opening quote

  2. (4:27) Sealed elevator pitch

  3. (6:48) Getting DER-pilled (and allergic reactions), Andy’s 20-year plan

  4. (19:28) What’s so great about heat pumps anyway? And are they really DERs?

  5. (30:12) Driving heat pump adoption, moving from services to solutions, NIMBYism + soft costs

  6. (44:12) Electrifying in a utility’s world, command and control vs distributed solutions

  7. (53:03) Performance-based regulation is not beer, the need for regulated monopolies in the utility space

  8. (56:26) Using incentives to drive change, the mismatch between what the grid needs and what the utility can build

  9. (1:07:05) Crazy idea: Scale Microgrids x Sealed to skirt utility regulation + interconnection delays, making markets work better

  10. (1:13:29) Energy czar of America, bipartisan climate solutions

  11. (1:22:16) Dope or nope?

  12. (1:24:55) Biiiiig shouts

  13. (1:28:55) Bonus big shouts!!

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