Jan 1 • 1HR 23M

#28 The Clean Energy Abundance Platform

Doing more with less

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We’re back with a solo ep to talk about Doomers and why you shouldn’t be one! Tune in to ring in your new year with a heavy dose of optimism and why 2023 is going to be insane heat.

This time we talk Duncan getting saved by a Christian Scientist, the average person thinking casually that we’re screwed, why having kids is good, Jordan Peterson’s and Alex Epstein’s cringe intelktualism, categorizing doomers and degrowthers, Colleen and James’ climate journeys, how doomers and knee-jerk contrarians in their opposition just both re-enforce the status quo, talking about eco raves with LCD Soundsytem bandmates, what Clean Energy Abundance means to us, doing more with less, why art, changing cultural narratives, and DER-pilling our peers matters so much, listening to the Ion Pack, whether we should go to Mars or just be homesteaders, if Elon is a doomer, and so much more!