Jan 20 • 1HR 45M

#30 Arcady Sosinov, Founder and CEO of FreeWire

Real innovation in the EV charging space (and Duncan tries to make Virtual Wires cool)

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The crew is back with another episode, this time sitting down with Arcady Sosinov, Founder and CEO of FreeWire.

In this episode we talk about doing things that really, really don’t scale, gearheads in an EV world, utility vs O&G company cold war + the breakdown of 7 Powers in an abundant energy future, FreeWire’s core product innovation and the value of juicing utilization, finally a charging solution for non-suburbs, trojan horsing batteries into your local Wendy’s, the rise of permission-less DER deployment and how utilities will react, the equity questions around rate-basing + EV charger deployment, collecting tax credits like Pokemon, avoiding space-time continuum rips at all costs, and some
…questionable… big shouts.