May 2 • 1HR 27M

Ep #35: Ecoravin' with the Solar Punks Club

Chatting abundance mindset with Corey and Xtina

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James McGinniss
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We’re back! This time on a FULLY SOLAR POWERED POD with absolute legends Corey and Xtina of the Solar Punks Club. We threw the first proper Eco Rave—a solar + storage powered party—at their HQ in LA. Tune in to hear us chat about it the night before the event, and check out more from the day of here.

We talked about how they got DER-pilled as non-energy people (big shouts to Saul Griffith!), putting together the largest fully solar powered camp at burning man, using culture as the tip of the spear to DER pill more youths and drive electrification, decarbonizing the entertainment sector, how many millions are spent on diesel to run festivals, how festivals and entertainment have become more about excess than abundance, what abundance mindset really means, the neuroticism of extraction based cultures, solar punk vs cyber punk, creating art with purpose, what punk is in 2023, being optimistic about optimism, and so much more! It’s ultimately just a long discussion on why we think eco raves are so important. Xtina and Corey are GOATed beyond belief, and we plan to do a lot more of these. Enjoy!